Roof Restorations

restore your roof To looking like New.

Nestlers Roof Restorations offers full or partial roof restoration services depending upon your needs.

Whether your roof is old and degraded or you want to update to a modern colour scheme, trust our team for excellent workmanship.

When we start any project, we complete one section at a time to ensure your building is never fully exposed to the elements of nature.

Not only will our restoration process ensure you have a roof that performs perfectly but with the ability to choose from a range of contemporary colours will ensure that your home matches your style.

Why Nestlers for Roof Restorations?

Our restoration process covers every component of your roof. Using proven methods and new material technology, we can often restore to a condition equal to the original build.

At Nestlers Roof Restorations, we are renowned for our top-quality roof restoration services. We follow our carefully designed process ensuring every project is finished perfectly and includes: 

  • Replacement of any broken tiles.
  • Removal of existing bedding and pointing from the roof to prepare ridge caps.
  • Replacement of valley irons with new Colorbond valley irons.
  • Installation of storm seal.
  • Roof cleaning and removal of any material buildup.
  • Roof sealing.
  • Roof painting.

Discuss your roof restoration project with us.

The best way to start is to reach out and contact us. We will discuss what you would like to achieve when restoring your roof and book a time to visit your home, discuss options and provide a quote.